Yellowing leaves

“The beautiful day had within it the seeds of its own fragility: it was the last day of summer. Sun burned out of a cloudless blue sky: asters and dahlias stood immobile in the clear light, a light without glare, without brilliance. Trees had already lost the dark heavy foliage of what had been an exceptional August and early September and were all the more poignant for the dryness of their yellowing leaves which floated noiselessly down from time to time. Stepping out from the salon, M. Huber rubbed his hands with pleasure. There would be many occasional visitors for lunch and tea today. But at the moment all was quiet. Nobody spoke. The only sound was the occasional fall of a chestnut.” Hotel du lac, Anita Brookner, 1984, Penguin, p.67 (2016)


One thought on “Yellowing leaves

  1. Axelle

    Vevey, dans mon oreille, c’est Jo qui demande à Laurie, dans l’adaptation des 4 filles de 1994, d’aller chercher Amy qui est au côté de Tante March

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